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Stairs & Railings
A carefully designed Stairway should not only be functional but also beautiful.  At Son of a Carpenter, Inc. ,  we will use our experience and knowledge along with innovative parts and products from top manufacturers.
Stairways are designed to safely connect living spaces on multiple levels. Stairways may be straight, round, curved or may consist of two or more straight sections connected at angles.
Son of a Carpenter, Inc. will take your stairway to a higher level!
While a series of Steps makes the vertical climb much easier, a Balustrade keeps you and your loved ones safe from falling over a dangerous edge
When designing a stairway, there are some key points to consider:
Aesthetics & Beauty
Safety is the dominating factor in all stairway designs
Functionality  of the stair system is critical to success.
Aesthetics is created by using logical patterns appealing to the eye while, Beauty is created through creative design, material , and craftsmanship
Safety,  Safety,  and more Safety!
Stairways are a challenging craft in itself, due to a high level of skillful craftsmanship and very strict Building Codes and guidelines designed for your Safety.  The Steps and Risers will require specific measurement so that the stairs will not be too steep or narrow. Only a very small variance is allowed between each and every step. Due to the potential danger of falling and injury, the codes and requirements are increasingly demanding more precise stair and rail construction for Your benefit. The “feel” of a every home’s stairs will be similar. Theoretically,  You should be able to feel comfortable traveling the stairs in the dark.
The Balustrade is a system of posts  and handrails that keep the stairs safe. The primary purpose of the post and rails is to keep people and objects from falling over the edge of the stairs and balconies. Observing strict Building Codes, handrails offer additional support to stairway travelers.
Special consideration has to be taken when designing stairways in order to ensure good ergonomics and functionality. The goal is to make the steps and handrails as comfortable as possible.
Because the stairway is often the only path of travel between levels,  proper planning, improvements and/or repairs are very critical to the process of building the steps and should always be done before new construction or a remodel of the existing stairway. 
Aesthetics & Beauty
Stairways are often a key architectural design element of a home. Just because they have to be safe and functional doesn’t mean that the Stairway has to be an eyesore. Stairways present an opportunity for and expressive design that enhances the “feel” of the entire home.
Many combinations of stair shapes and materials can be used to set your stairway apart. Woods, Metals, Stones, etc. can be integrated and used in various combinations. Son of a Carpenter, Inc. will work with you to take your home to a new level.
Don’t let the curved stairway get you all “wound up” !
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