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While most homeowners feel confident that they could handle “gluing”, “nailing”, or “clicking” a wood floor together, it is the other important details that discourage their progress. The measuring, cutting, and figuring out angles is where it can be scary. In all honesty, the easier part is seemingly easy, but as we say  The difference is in the details.” Our installations take care of keeping the lines straight, undercutting doors and door frames, making necessary sub-floor preparations & recommendations. We also prepare and install transitions between rooms and surfaces, and finish with necessary moldings around walls and perimeters. We will also help you select the appropriate type of wood floor for your style, budget, and type of use. We are not salesmen, we are  Craftsmen who personally installed and lived with many wood  floors.
You may wonder why wood flooring should be chosen over vinyl, tile,  or carpet. As you’ll see, the benefits of wood flooring are overwhelming.
Wood Floors are made from Natural Materials
   Wood floors offer unmatched natural beauty, warmth, and design appeal that allow your new or existing house truly to become your family’s home. There is more diversity in the wood floors now then ever before: Solid Hardwood, Engineered hardwood, and Laminate flooring
Wood does not trap dust or fumes, and will not grow dust mites or mold. This leads to improved indoor air quality. And who wouldn’t want to breathe a little easier since we spend upwards of 90% of our time indoors.
Wood is an ideal choice for people with allergies
Wood is the easier floor to maintain
Wood Floors require fewer chemicals to clean. With only a swivel mop and sometimes a non-aerosol spray,  you can clean wood floors in less then half the time it takes to vacuum, scrub, or shampoo other types of floors. We can rest a little easier, knowing that wood doesn’t trap dust or fumes, it doesn’t grow mold in the grouts.
Wood floors are better for your joints
Wood floors give a little and are better for your joints. So don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends wood instead of tile.. Have you ever noticed that your feet get tired faster if you are standing on any type of tile or on vinyl?
Wood floors don’t depreciate
Wood floors are full of character and warmth. Yet the styling choices are as diverse and plentiful as people. Wood floors increase the homes value and often last the life of a home.
Wood floors for every style
Wood floor choices are full of style. Many choices are offered for customers looking for Rich, Traditional, comfortable contemporary, or exicting Modern styling. Many different wood grains and natural colors as well as stains make for plentiful choices.
Wood Floors - Laminates in Florida Wood Floors - Never Boring
Laminates are man made and wood origin materials that have been gaining popularity throughout the country and the world. Laminates offer an economical and price competitive alternative to any cheap tile or carpet.
Good grades of Laminates can be durable and hard to distinguish form solid hardwood, and can be installed over concrete. Laminates can be selected to look like exotic and very expensive woods, and still be very economical.
This Tobacco Teak is not for the faint hearted. Wow! it is unmistakably Smoking HOT!
“A great floor is 50% Wood selection and 50% Good installation…” - Lucjan Malinowski
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