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Interior Trim
                                 Homes with All the Trimmings !
While the outside of most homes tend to be well designed, ornate, and stylish, unfortunately the insides are often neglected and usually have little character or appeal.
In our experiences, we find that trim works magic in homes of every price range. Appropriate eye-catching craftsmanship adds “perceived value” to homes, helping to attract potential buyers and onlookers both. Son of a Carpenter, Inc. is not only going to help you Build your home, we are going to help you Sell your home. We work with all new-construction and remodel customers.
  The ability of forming mental images, sensations and concepts,  in a momement when they are not perceived through sight, hearing or other senses.
We take great pride and satisfaction in taking your visions,  dreams,and designs, and making them a tasteful reality.
Son of a Carpenter, Inc install a full range of trim products.
Interior and Exterior Doors
Crown Moldings
Casings - Door, Passthrough, and Window
Window treatment Cornices
Window Sills and Wall Caps
Chair-Rail, Picture Frames,
Ceiling Medallions, Ceiling Beams, Bamboo
Fireplace Mantles
Wainscoting and Paneling
Your Home is Your CASTLE
Your Front Door and Entry are the first and most important impressions your guest will perceive about your home.
When installing your doors, we make sure they are properly fitted and adjusted, and then appropriately decorated with Casings and other treatments.
Doors are available in many configurations and styles. Please look at the Picture Gallery for more door example. Many more styles and designs are available.
Crown Moldings
Crown Moldings provide an esthetically pleasing transition from wall to ceiling are available in many different sizes and styles. For more details on Crown Molding, Please visit our Crown Molding Page.
Baseboards are used to cover the joint between the wall and floor and provide protection from mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners and other hazards that may contact your walls.
Baseboards are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Ranging from 3” to over 7” tall, baseboards add a functional touch that gives a home architectural detail and character.
If you already know what you want for molding, Great! If not, we will be there to help you choose molding that will not only enhance the door or window but give a design boost to the entire rooms as well.
Adding Distinction
One of the decisions you will need to make is in determining where you want to install new trimwork. Just about any room in the house will benefit from the addition of distinctive moldings and trim.
Many molding sizes and styles are available. When working with a conservative budget, many homeowners begin with more elaborate door and window casing for the open and formal areas. Then, choose smaller, more conservative molding to nicely finish bedrooms or bathrooms
Chair Rails, Picture Frames, Wainscoting
Chair Rails are decorative moldings originally intended to protect wall surfaces from chairs.
This can be a single or multi-piece band of trim, about 32” from the floor. Chair Rails add decorative design beyond just dining areas.
Wainscoting adds a distinct style, dimension, and character to a room
Designs range from simple  and elegant to dramatic and complex. Combining picture frames, chair rail, and color can add architectural interest reaching beyond the Dining and Living Room areas of your home.
Ceiling Beams and More
Ceiling Beams can make a Bold statement. Tall, Flat ceilings, can be transformed into breathtaking Jewel Boxes!
Beams are often used in large formal rooms such as Great Rooms, Dining Rooms, Foyers, and Libraries. Beams add upscale craftsmanship and dimension that is irresistible to the eyes.
Bamboo and other  materials can be used in creating eye catching masterpieces right on your ceiling.
Projector enclosures can be designed ranging from basic functionality to jaw dropping eye-candy.
Fireplaces often invite family and friends to a warm, intimate, comfortable conversation atmosphere. Designs can be crafted to combine the fireplace, bookcase, and entertainment center into one major focal point.
Trimmed out with moldings and mantles, fireplaces can stand alone with their gentle glows, inspiring comfort and relaxation.
Very often the existing Stone and Fireplace is enhanced by a newly crafted Mantle.
Combining TV’s and fireplaces is a popular trend. We strive to design projects to meet the customer’s need,while bringing delightful style and design.
Much More
Please Visit our Picture Gallery for more example of impressive craftsmanship. You will see more Pass-throughs Wall caps, Columns, and much much more.
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