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Crown Moldings
What is exciting about Crown Moldings is not only that they look great; Crown Moldings greatly add to your home’s value. Strengthening your investment.
When your guests look up toward the ceiling to look at the additional moldings, they will also see the higher value and detail that you have put into the home. In past years,  Crown Moldings were symbols of Craftsmanship  and higher social standing, just like “Crowns” were worn by royalty. Potential homebuyers see the higher vaule of your home, anticipating that the other details of the home are  more up-scale then normally expected. 
We Install Crown Molding on               ceilings also!  Vaulted
It is common practice to install Crown Molding onto Low and High flat-ceilings, Tray-ceilings, and Head Troys. Vaulted-ceilings present their own special challanges and limitations. Most carpenters will not attempt it or at best they will install odd looking boxes in the corners. After 20+ years of experiance, we have developed a special technique ( a Special Recipe” ) to install Continuous Crown Moldings on Vaulted-Celings. Look below at the pictures below if you have vaulted ceilings in your home and are not sure if it’s possible.
Some Popular Crown Molding Samples
Remember Crown Molding won’t help you build a house.
Crown Moldings will help Sell a house.
Crown Moldings are one of our Specialties!
It’s Never Too Late To Add Crown Moldings!    Contacted by many builders, we often install Crown Moldings during the Construction  stages of a new Home.  However, we are serving many requests to upgrade existing occupied homes.  The molding give your home a major upgrade without moving walls or other major  remodel hassles.    We visit the house with molding sample and take accurate measurements  We supply the installation, labor, and molding materials  We move any necessary furniture
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